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הסעות VIP

VIP transportation

VIP shuttle service is one of our main areas of activity at Limme. Accordingly, we operate a fleet of vehicles of many types, suitable for all types of travel and all needs. With our special vehicles you can enjoy short and long trips, relax and work, enjoy a chat with friends and make trips to the country’s tourist sites, or just get in style wherever you want to go.

Lounge at Ben Gurion Airport

Limme provides VIP services at the airport to ensure a pleasant and shortened experience at the entrance and exit of the country. Our skilled staff will accompany you throughout the procedure while maintaining maximum comfort and while staying in the VIP lounge. We provide extensive services at the airport that will make the flight experience different.

Transportation to Ben Gurion Airport

Traveling to the airport with a dedicated driver and vehicle for the mission helps to start the flight experience in maximum comfort. We offer an airport shuttle service 24 hours a day through our fleet of modern and comfortable vehicles, which include trunks with plenty of space, comfortable seats and a relaxed and professional driving experience.

Transportation for tourism

Limme provides you with a system of shuttle services for tourists, all over the country and in different types of vehicles and tailored to customer needs. If you are a tour guide, travel company or tour organizer, you should know our services, which can save you time and resources – while increasing your reputation with customers


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